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Site was registered on January 27, 2003. Graphics in this version (there's only one!) were made using Adobe Photoshop CS. HTML was lovingly hand-coded in Notepad. I upload my files with WS_FTP LE.

I don't deny the value of looking at other people's HTML source code as a learning aid. Feel free to check mine out. It's definitely not the best, but you might be able to figure out how something works. That's how I do a lot of learning.

This version of the site is pretty bare-bones, and should look good no matter what resolution your screen is or what web browser you use. It's my gift to you.

Previous versions:

v1: the colorful plaid one

v2: the blue and mostly white one

v3: the similar but more blue one

v4: the angry-looking red one

v5: the orange one

v6: the blue and brown one

v7: the beachy blue one

v8: the pink, black, and white one

v9: the black and white one

v10: the sunset one

v11: the pink, punky one

v12: the gray, diagram-y one

v13: the black and gray, super-simple one

Since I am on a different schedule as far as updating my blog subsite layout, here is a history of those designs:

v1: customized "Neat" theme

v2: customized "Polaris" theme